Update on Mahesh Babu, Sukumar film

Mahesh Babu has agreed to do a film under Sukumar direction. This film will be produced by 14 reel entertainment banner. They are currently producing Dookudu movie with Mahesh in the lead. Superstar is very pleased with the work of the producers that he stated that they are the best among the people he worked till date.

The latest update about Sukumar, Mahesh Babu film is Ratnavelu will handle the camera for this movie. Ratnavelu worked with Sukumar in the past for the films Arya and Jagadam. They both share a very good rapport and the output is seen.

Ratnavelu was supposed to be the cinematographer for Arya 2 too. But he was busy with Rajinikanth’s Robo at that time. Sukumar feels Mahesh Babu movie to be the biggest break for him and hence he is roping in the best team possible.
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