Suresh Gowdru inspiration for MS Ramesh!

The respected personality from Subramanyanagar in Bangalore – Suresh Gowdru also producer of 'Raj the Showman' starring Powerstar Puneeth Rajakumar and a few Kannada films with Srinivasamurthy has attracted the story writer, dialogue writer and director MS Ramesh for his next film ‘Tippu’.

The character of Suresh Gowdru – giving respect and taking respect – termed as a person who is feared in the industry for his stern decisions is what required in our society says MS Ramesh. One should have fear on somebody or something. Then only the careful approach and correct way is possible.

Those who indulge in business and friendship with Suresh Gowdru know his nature very well. That has interested me. That is the role what Aditya is playing in ‘Tippu’ Kannada cinema with Ragini as the counterpart.

This is MS Ramesh 10th film direction and first one for Saraswathi Enterprises producer Yogish Hunsur. The film has started the shooting at Sunnadakere in Mysore. 40 percent of shoot will be completed in and around Mysore. This is a commercial film. It is related to a locality. A politician his henchman and others are part of this twist filled film says MSR. At Cloud nine near Mysore the shooting has been planned.

Although the need of fear in life is stressed the more emphasis is on respect and love. There is no long weapons but the activity of the hero is fearsome says MSR.
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