Mythriyi gets bail has to appear station once in two month

The actress of Kannada cinema Mythriyi and traffic cop Shivakumar exchanging statements on each other has reached the court hall.

According to the verdict passed the actress has to appear to the police station once in two months. Mythriyi is left on bail. She still says the justice has not come in the right way. I am upset with the decision. They have not shown any courtesy for a woman. The continuous yelling at me at the traffic junction near Kabadi Kalyana Mantapa at West of Chord Road from the cop baffled me. Traffic cop Shivakumar took the key from my car. He even tried to take away the mobile phone and hit me on my face. He has blown up the situation and behaved badly. I did not know his intentions. In the police station he started telling that he would see to it I am sent to jail otherwise take poison in front of commissioner office. I have not done any mistake yet faced the brunt says Mythriyi.

The cop in this case Shivakumar says Mythriyi car went on my leg. It was the thick police shoe that did not injure me. She slapped after this when I question the signal jump. Shivakumar says he asked Mythriyi to pay the fine for the signal jump. She was not ready for it. She threw my mobile to the road disturbed me. She called up her people and a person came in the car pulled me aside and thrashed. People have watched it and they suggested that Mythriyi should be taught a lesson – Shivakumar explained on his woes.
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