Srinagara Kitty in 'Bharani Minerals' film

The prestigious Bharani Minerals second Kannada film in the direction of ‘Mylari’ Chandru stars Srinagara Kitty and likely Amala Paul. Mr Bhasker and Adhi are producing the second venture too.

Bharani Minerals maiden film ‘Lakshmi’ starring Shivarajakumar century hero and Priyamani is on the floor and the second film launch has been worked out. R Chandru sitting pretty with ‘Mylari’ 100 days is directing for Bharani Minerals unique title ‘Ko..Ko’.

Srinagara Kitty is riding high today for various reasons. His recent hit is ‘Sanju Weds Geetha’ and he made debut in ‘Chandra Chakori’ of reputed director S Narayan film. Srinagar Kitty another big film was ‘Savaari’. Kitty another big film on the offing is ‘Hudugaru’. He is with super power star Puneeth Rajakumar, Radhika Pandit, Yogish, Abhinaya and others in that film.

Now for director R Chandru film ‘Mylari’ 100 days celebration time he has been picked for the lead role.

Amala Paul the popular actress from ‘Maina’ later acted in ‘Daiva Thirumagan’ is a Mallu girl. She is currently in Madhavan film ‘Vettai’.
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