I Want to Direct 'PAPA’Jaggesh

Intelligent enough completed a crash course in Mumbai appearing in one film ‘Gilli’ with lot of ground work at his home Gururaj Jaggesh looking good from his first film aiming to achieve something new. He has the intention of directing his father as his fifth venture. He is in his second venture ‘Sankranthi’. His third will be an action cinema. The fourth film will be in his father direction.

A good planning Gururaj has made so far for coming two years and he is an avid film viewer and analyses the things very well. Gururaj has the brain of his mother Smt Parimala and going ahead attitude of his father Jaggesh.

That was evident from a short chat at the lunch plates on hand and some of his qualities were known from his father Jaggesh.

In ‘Gilli’ I was rough without glamour but in ‘Sankranthi’ I am naughty and mother sentiment, entertainment values are good. The film takes off from a foreign location. My brother Yethiraj is not acting is this I miss very much. I want him to be in all my films.
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