7am Arivu in T.Nagar

We all have known about the sixth sense, but there is " 7aum arivu "shooting is going on in full swing and energetic ,yes we are talking about the next upcoming mega and super hit film of the Gajini fame director A R .Murugadass and starring the most talented ,evergreen, heart throb of Chennai actor suriya .After the greatest hits like Gajini, Varanam ayiram,Ayan,Adhavan,Singam actor suriya ‘s next film " 7aum arivu "is almost set to fire the silver screen .Once again simply superb director ar .murugadass and actor suriya have teamed up together after the successful hit of Gajini ,and also made this director ar.murugadass known and popular nationally for making his film Gajini in Hindi along with famous bollyhood star actor Amir khan.

Yes the film " 7aum arivu "is almost completed and it has come out so well beyond anyone’s expectation. There are some unimaginable experiences gone through by actor suriya and director ar. murugadass while shooting the introduction song of suriya in the film which has come out spectacular and going to be a visual treat for all suriya’s fans .Would like to share few interesting features and information which makes this song so special.

This introduction song of actor suriya has been shot in more than forty locations in and around Chennai. And the most interesting feature in this song is for the first time thousand group dancers are dancing along with actor suriya .But how they managed to get 1000 dancers is a history and a great idea sparked out of director ar .murugadass,initially they got 400 dancers from all across the film dance industry and for the next 200 dancers they searched all over from the old dancers who had no job or projects and gave them a chance to come back again .This good gesture from director ar.murugadass and actor suriya was appreciated and praised by this 200 dancers emotionally and sentimentally touched .And for the rest 400 dancers they got permission from the dancer’s union and hunted from all the dance schools of Chennai which is amazing in this song.

The next difficult and thrilling experience in this song was shoot at the most famous and crowded ranganathan street at t.nagar, there were eight candid cameras’ set all around to shoot suriya without the crowds notice first shot was ok but for the second one the giant crowd noticed and spotted actor suriya and surrounded him like bees around honey hive. Finally cops came to rescue suriya out from the crowd, this was a great escape and a thrilling experience underwent by suriya and director ar . Murugadass.

This introduction song of actor suriya from the film " 7aum arivu "by ar .murugadass is really a amazing one with 1000 dancers in 40 locations in an around Chennai, dance master Shobhi choreographed according to the tunes and beats from Harris Jeyraj mind blowing music and all this beautiful things are captured in the lens and eyes of cameraman Ravi varman.And there is more awaited interesting matters and magic in the film when its going to be released so stay tuned till then !!!!
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